heyewe (heyewe) wrote,

First Post

I've been wondering what to write for my first lj post... and i thought and thought and thought, but nothing came...

and then i found this. Matt Robinson, whoever you are, i hope they find you, so you can play somewhere other than your back room.

I stumbled across Matt singing Fire & Rain (he seems to like james taylor) and then found him singing a few others, including one of his own. I just read his profile and it says 'something more' is from his upcoming third album... off to go shopping for the other two.

oh and just to keep the new zealand theme - which if you know me you will understand and if you dont, you will come to know...

i have also stumbled on Brooke Fraser

I've spent all afternoon cruising around in YouTube, because i have broadband :)

the other absolute gem i found was this one... who said old music sucks? this is the earliest Sherbet clip i've ever seen!
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