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A bleat from the baaa room

or maybe just a baaa room brawl...

26 August
My daughter, comicstar introduced me to lj and this is my journal. Here are some random or not-so-random facts about me:

I'm 44
I'm a virgo dragon which means my mind should be a platinum bear trap. It's currently a marshmallow bear trap.
I'm australian but I'm a wannabe kiwi, which means I'm almost never where I almost always want to be
I'm mum to three wonderful people who all think I'm a bit weird
I work with women and children in crisis (my contribution to making the world a better and fairer place) - edit: I work in policy, which means i have time to think at last - and contribute to making the world a better and fairer place from inside government instead of outside of it.
I design and build websites because I can - very rarely, these days.
When i was 10 i wanted to be Renee Geyer, but the position was taken.
When i was 12 i wanted to learn to play drums so i could be a drummer in a rock band. My mum told me not many people make a living out of rock music, and anyway i'm a girl, and convinced me that i should learn piano first, because we already had a piano, and then when i've mastered piano, maybe i could get drum lessons
I learned to walk, count to two and play a surdo drum in a samba group when i was 36. Not many people make a living out of that, but i did it for almost 6 years anyway - and i still can if i want to! Edit: I'm drumming again in a local community Samba percussion group and loving it. Drumming - especially, i think, Samba percussion where the music is very much a team effort, is very good for the soul, and the sense of connection and community from a group with a common interest/passion is priceless!
When i was 15 i wanted to be a photographer, but my mum told me not many people make a living out of photography.
I love music and I want to learn to play saxophone, because that is the one thing sultry summer afternoons need most
I also want to learn to play piano like Ray Charles, Diana Krall, Tim Freedman and Carole King - because how cool would that be?! i dont think i learned anything about playing piano like that when i was 12.
I am passionate about social justice, equality and freedom. When i met a primary school teacher who knew me when i was 11, she told me she KNEW i would work in social justice. I wish she'd told me - would have saved me alot of time lol.
I love living in the city - the closer to the city centre the better - but when i do, i long for wide open spaces, bush and country.
I love living in the country - the more isolated the better - but when i do, i long for cinemas and concerts and cafes.
I have been in love with computers since 1980 and with the internet since about 1995. I have learned to program in Basic, Pascal, C and Java and i write websites in HTML, CSS and javascript and I am learning to manipulate php for my own purposes.
I am a recluse/hermit with a family full of people i love, who loves working with people, and craves peace, quiet and solitude...
When i was 43, i realised i want to play blues harp like a professional - not many people make a living out of that, but i dont care - i make my living elsewhere. Music is food for the soul.

a puzzle wrapped up in an enigma.

go figure! :)